MIP 5.5 The political economy of Sunset vs. Sunrise industry strategies

RESEARCH REPORT LAUNCH – Skills for Industrial Decarbonisation

The accelerated roll out of decarbonisation projects in the UK is under threat from a lack of workforce capacity, a short lead time to produce the necessary skills/capacity, and a need for central coordination to develop these skills across the whole industrial system.

On the 22nd November 2022, IDRIC are launching two excellent research reports from our research portfolio on the skills and competencies needed for the industrial decarbonisation projects. These reports quantify the need for certain skills and competencies in order to achieve the decarbonisation projects within the seven industrial clusters.

The report launch will coincide with a roundtable of experts from across industry, policy and training/education provision to discuss opportunities for joint action to address these skill gaps.

To join this conversation, get in touch via info@idric.org for information on how to register.