Congratulations to Dr Ahmed Gailani (University of Leeds) and the Climate Change Committee, Dr Thomas Fender (University of Birmingham) and CR+ Ltd and Dr Ian Pattison (Heriot-Watt University) and the Environment Agency, whose successful secondment proposals have been awarded funding through IDRIC’s secondment programme.

  • Ahmed Gailani’s secondment to the CCC will focus on the modelling framework on industrial decarbonisation pathways, which will be critical in establishing the contribution of industry towards emissions in the Seventh Carbon Budget period. Ahmed will be embedded into the CCC’s industry team, thus contributing more widely to the scoping of the Seventh Carbon Budget research programme and stakeholder engagement.
  • Thomas Fender’s secondment will embed Birmingham Energy Institute and the University of Birmingham into the industrial decarbonisation strategy of the West Midlands, forming the archetype for future industrial/academic collaboration in other SME dominated regions. The project will target industries which may be left behind in the transition to net zero and help address the emissions associated with dispersed industry.
  • Ian Pattison’s secondment will contribute to the delivery of an Environment Agency research project to assess the environmental impacts of Government’s pathways to net zero. This project will provide a strategic picture of how the net zero transition could look for the sectors the Environment Agency regulates, the environment and the communities it works in.