Scottish Government – £5M Challenge fund for CO2 Utilisation

The Scottish Government  £5M Challenge fund for CO2 Utilisation (TRL 5-8 only) is now live. 

Scotland’s CO2 utilisation sector is new and emerging. The aim of this challenge is to support Research and Development (R&D) to assist companies in developing technology that will lead to new commercial uses for CO2, and the creation of jobs, as part of Scotland’s journey to a low carbon economy

Suitable projects may use chemical, biological reactions or mineralisation to transform CO2 into a product or component with commercial value. Projects that focus on products and processes with low carbon intensity will be prioritised.

The challenge will support projects to develop and test products and to enable infrastructure developments at emissions sources for use in your project. However, projects with a strong focus on carbon capture technology are out of scope, as are projects which do not involve CO2 transformation – using CO2 as a solvent or working fluid, for example.

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