TRAINING: The decarbonisation of heating and cooling eLearning course



Huashan Bao
Richard Williams
Zhiwei Ma
Joe Howe

Durham University
University of Lincoln

The decarbonisation of heating and cooling eLearning course

This eLearning CPD training module introduces the learner to the topic of decarbonising heating and cooling systems to achieve net zero emissions. It is designed to appeal to a diverse audience, including those interested in decarbonising their respective industries or sectors, individuals involved in designing innovative technical solutions, and participants with a broader curiosity about the subject. The course material ranges from established technologies to lower TRL technologies. It is a globally oriented course which draws heavily from a UK perspective, but the technical solutions offer global application.

This project was funded by IDRIC (under EPSRC award number: EP/V027050/1). The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of IDRIC. Neither IDRIC nor EPSRC can be held responsible for them.