REPORT: Will industrial decarbonisation produce resilient communities?



Karen Henwood
Nick Pidgeon
Harriet Smith

Cardiff University

Will industrial decarbonisation produce resilient communities?

This report summarises key findings from a study on ‘Understanding public responses to industrial decarbonisation in insecure times’. The research conducted workshops in sites identified for new technological energy infrastructures in South Wales. The study focuses on how material fabrications intersect with cultural experiences, termed infrastructural ecologies. Drawing on empirical data analysis gathered through workshops, the report highlights how psychosocial logics explicate impacts, resistances, and resilience to change. This research offers insights valuable to industrialists, policymakers, and academics involved in decarbonising industries, emphasising the importance of engaging local communities to co-create effective pathways for change and fostering trust for productive action.

This project was funded by IDRIC (under EPSRC award number: EP/V027050/1). The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of IDRIC. Neither IDRIC nor EPSRC can be held responsible for them.