REPORT: Next steps for decarbonising UK industry – IDRIC Policy Synthesis Report 2022



IDRIC Policy Team

Anna Pultar
John Ferrier

Heriot-Watt University

Policy and regulation are crucial for accelerating industrial decarbonisation in sectors where emissions reductions have so far been difficult to realise.

Bringing together insights from a year of extensive stakeholder engagement with IDRIC partners in industry, academia and governments, this report outlines key areas where policy and regulatory change can make a difference in supporting industrial decarbonisation.

The report discusses seven priority areas for industrial decarbonisation policy:

  1. Business model support for scaling up low-carbon technologies
  2. Enabling fuel switching and electrification
  3. Supporting Infrastructure for transport and storage of electricity, hydrogen and CO2
  4. Timely planning, consenting, and permitting processes
  5. Comprehensive carbon accounting and standards
  6. Resilient low-carbon supply chains
  7. Net zero skills and workforce

For further info on IDRIC’s planned policy research and engagement in these areas, please get in touch with the IDRIC Policy Team.

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