POLICY BRIEF: Delivering place-sensitive, fair industrial decarbonisation



Huei-Ling Lai
Patrick Devine-Wright
Jo Hamilton
Diarmaid Clery
Imogen Rattle
Abigail Martin
Peter Taylor
Sarah Mander
Stacia Ryder

University of Exeter
University of Sussex
University of Manchester
University of Leeds

Delivering place-sensitive, fair industrial decarbonisation

January 2024

This policy brief combines evidence from four social research projects funded by IDRIC, emphasising the need to engage host communities in industrial decarbonisation. The brief highlights the necessity to develop place-based understandings of local needs, histories, and experiences of unfairness when formulating policies and cluster plans. To achieve a fair, sustainable future, policymakers and cluster developers should consider the long-term social impacts, historical influences, and potential climate effects on host communities. The brief recommends diverse, transparent public engagement, building trust, and addressing tensions and trade-offs between different stakeholder priorities. Effectively navigating these aspects ensures industrial decarbonisation not only achieves environmental goals but also contributes to social and economic justice for present and future generations.

This project was funded by IDRIC (under EPSRC award number: EP/V027050/1). The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of IDRIC. Neither IDRIC nor EPSRC can be held responsible for them.