PODCAST: Equinor – destination zero: realising a low-carbon future




Equinor Podcast

Destination Zero: Realising a Low-Carbon Future

Where next? The road to 2050

In this final episode of the series, James looks back on what we’ve heard over the previous five episodes and assesses the potential to move forward towards net zero. We hear directly from the Government’s advisory body, the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC), about what the UK needs to do to deliver on its ambitious climate goals. James also hosts a roundtable discussion with those involved in developing the policy, regulatory environment and transition business models to make net zero by 2050 a reality.

James Murray is joined by Chris Stark from CCC, Mercedes Maroto-Valer from Industrial Decarbonisation Research Innovation Centre, Will Lochhead from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Will Joyce from UKRI.