JOURNAL: Underground hydrogen storage: A UK perspective



Amir Jahanbakhsh
Alexander Louis Potapov-Crighton
Abdolali Mosallanezhad
Nina Tohidi Kaloorazi
Mercedes Maroto-Valer

Heriot-Watt University
Shiraz University

Underground hydrogen storage: A UK perspective

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

January 2024

Hydrogen storage is a vital component of the hydrogen economy, playing a crucial role in our journey towards achieving ambitious net-zero targets. In the context of the UK industrial decarbonisation, the need for large-scale geological hydrogen storage has become evident. This work evaluates the geological storage capabilities within salt caverns, depleted hydrocarbon fields, and saline aquifers, all in alignment with the United Kingdom’s prospective hydrogen targets. This research extends its reach not only nationally but internationally, drawing lessons from ongoing and past underground geological storage projects while uncovering potential applications of key findings from projects worldwide. This work underscores the rapid evolution of the hydrogen economy as a global process, intertwined with the dynamic formulation of strategies, policies, and regulations on a global scale.