JOURNAL: Six bold steps towards net-zero industry



Benjamin K. Sovacool
Morgan D. Bazilian
Jinsoo Kim
Steven Griffiths

Heriot-Watt University
Aarhus University
University of Sussex Business School
Boston University
Colorado School of Mines, The Payne Institute for Public Policy
Hanyang University
Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Six bold steps towards net-zero industry

Energy Research & Social Science

May 2023

To achieve net-zero industrial emissions by mid-century, the study proposes six key steps. These steps involve increasing funding, expediting the transfer of green technology, investing in human resources, setting binding emission reduction targets, gaining social acceptance for eco-friendly practices, and creating a new global treaty and climate clubs for collaborative action.

The research identifies over thirty historical and contemporary initiatives that offer valuable lessons and templates for effective decarbonisation efforts. These findings provide a roadmap for collective global approaches to address industrial emissions, working towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.