JOURNAL: Decarbonisation strategies in industry: going beyond clusters



Imogen Rattle
Ahmed Gailani
Peter G. Taylor

University of Leeds

Decarbonisation strategies in industry: going beyond clusters

Sustainability Science

April 2023

This study uses a mixed-methods approach to provide the first analysis of the issues and challenges that dispersed industrial sites meet on their route to decarbonisation. Using the UK as case study, the research examines these sites in terms of location, emissions, sectors involved, and company sizes.

The study shows how simply expanding the current UK decarbonisation strategy, which focuses on carbon capture and low-carbon hydrogen, faces significant challenges when applied to dispersed sites. To address this, the research suggests a broader approach that includes various emission reduction methods and considerations tailored to the characteristics of dispersed sites.

The study finds that solutions will differ for each location but will likely involve expanding shared infrastructure, developing local zero-carbon hubs, exploring novel emission reduction technologies, and facilitating local participation in energy planning. The study concludes by highlighting remaining knowledge gaps and discussing how its findings could apply to industrial decarbonisation strategies in other countries.