JOURNAL: Climate change and industrial F-gases – Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews



Benjamin K. Sovacool
Steve Griffiths
Jinsoo Kim
Morgan Bazilian

University of Sussex
Aarhus University
Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Hanyang University
Colorado School of Mines

Climate change and industrial F-gases: A critical and systematic review of developments, sociotechnical systems and policy options for reducing synthetic greenhouse gas emissions

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

May 2021

  • Humanity depends on F-gases for many industrial and commercial applications.
  • F-gases are “super pollutants” given their severe and powerful impact on the climate.
  • Uncontrolled growth in F-gas emissions could offset the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Accord.
  • New innovations and processes can greatly reduce F-gas manufacturing and use.
  • There are several policies and regulations that can be employed to further abate F-gas emissions.