JOURNAL: CO2 gas hydrate for carbon capture and storage applications



Morteza Aminnaji
M Fahed Qureshi
Hossein Dashti
Alfred Hase
Abdolali Mosalanejad
Amir Jahanbakhsh
Masoud Babaei
Amirpiran Amiri
Mercedes Maroto-Valer

Bundrant Technology Centre, Aberdeen
University of Manchester
National University of Singapore
APA Group, Brisbane, Australia
The University of Queensland
Shiraz University
Heriot-Watt University
Aston University

CO2 gas hydrate for carbon capture and storage applications


May 2024

This study is composed of two papers exploring the applications of gas hydrates, solid crystalline compounds formed by water and gas molecules through molecular interactions. While gas hydrates are known as flow assurance challenges in oil and gas industries, recent studies show they offer promise for carbon capture and storage (CCS). CO2 hydrates show great potential due to their thermodynamic stability and storage capacity. This review highlights both their promise and the need to address challenges like storage site selection and pipeline blockages during transportation for successful implementation. It also emphasises how most strategies for achieving deep decarbonisation are linked to the expansion of the current transport infrastructure.

CO2 hydrate chemistry and CO2 capture are reviewed in part 1, while CO2 transportation and storage are discussed in part 2 of this review.