BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Ammonia’ in Renewable Fuels: Sources, Conversion, and Utilization



Philip Bowen
Augustin Valera-Medina
Syed Mashruk
Daniel Pugh

Cardiff University

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Ammonia’ in Renewable Fuels: Sources, Conversion, and Utilization

December 2022

Ammonia, a chemical that has been used for decades to transport nitrogen for fertilising applications, has now been proposed for its use to transport hydrogen, supporting the net zero carbon transition. Cardiff University has been leading several research topics on the use of ammonia for more than 10 years, demonstrating its utilisation in thermal systems (gas turbines, boilers and internal combustion engines), and developing dissemination strategies that have attracted industrial sectors seeking innovative decarbonisation solutions. The work appears as a solution to bring a net zero vector to large-scale facilities where electrification or direct hydrogen injection might not be the most economical or feasible solution.

With support from IDRIC and its global vision towards a clean, sustainable future, Cardiff University’s team contributed to the book Renewable Fuels: Source, Conversion and Utilization with the chapter ‘Ammonia’, aiming at reaching researchers, technicians and developers in general to acknowledge the great potential that ammonia can bring to the global economy and mitigation of climate change.