Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation

A whole systems approach to accelerate industrial decarbonisation

Informed by a whole-systems approach, IDRIC’s research addresses key cross-cutting challenges of industrial decarbonisation.

IDRIC supports the development and deployment of low carbon technologies in areas such as fuel switching, energy storage, hydrogen, CCUS and negative emissions technologies. It focuses on systems and scale up by developing innovative planning and decision-making tools for infrastructure and supply chains, as well as informing the design of business models and regulatory frameworks. IDRIC research also addresses key social, economic and policy aspects of industrial decarbonisation including skills pathways for low carbon industry and roadmaps to support a just transition. Importantly, IDRIC is committed to delivering genuine impact by fostering collaboration and sharing of best practice across industrial clusters and sectors.

IDRIC’s Research Programme

IDRIC launched its first wave of over 40 research and innovation projects in 2021.

The research projects have been grouped into nine Multidisciplinary Integrated Programmes (MIPs), each addressing a key challenge or pathway for industrial decarbonisation.

MIP1: System Planning for net-zero industrial clusters
MIP2: Infrastructure for net-zero industrial clusters
MIP3: Operating net-zero industrial clusters
MIP4: Scale up opportunities at cluster and value chain level
MIP5: Energy vectors for industrial decarbonisation
MIP6: Accelerating deployment of CCUS for industrial decarbonisation
MIP7: Large scale deployment of hydrogen systems for industrial decarbonisation
MIP8: Reducing costs and risks of Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) and their integration in industrial clusters
MIP9: Integration: Policy, knowledge exchange and skills

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