Life cycle analysis (LCA) framework for industrial decarbonisation

Green industry

This project focuses on the use of LCA to identify and reduce carbon impact, and maximise potential for carbon capture, utilisation and storage, and providing an initial framework to enable the assessment of current and emerging technologies. To create and evaluate the framework we will partner with two other IDRIC projects (based in the South Wales Cluster); VFA factory (5.2) and Bio-Balance (8.5) for the test cases as each propose differing ways to meet net zero. Partnering will achieve value for money and enable life cycle system analysis of both projects. From the outset, our insights will aid decisions made within those systems in order to optimise GHG reduction for the VFA factory and bio-balance. In parallel, we will begin to build case studies of nascent decarbonisation technologies and systems, from which we can learn more widely. Synergies and differences in the two case study projects will enable creative dynamic life cycle modelling, providing clear indicators of how much carbon can be stored in bio-based materials, crops and soils. Pulling on the information from these case study systems we will begin to build a framework for life cycle assessment and optimisation of industrial decarbonisation in bio-based systems. This will be further developed in collaboration with other IDRIC partners. 

Principal Investigator: Marcelle C McManus, University of Bath