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Policy and regulation

Policy and regulation play a crucial role in creating the enabling environment for industrial decarbonisation and the transition to net zero in the UK.

Building on our interdisciplinary research and innovation portfolio, IDRIC supports the development of effective policy and regulatory frameworks for industrial decarbonisation.

The IDRIC Policy Team

  • Supports key policy and regulatory initiatives through reliable and impartial analysis
  • Briefs on key technologies and innovative research developments
  • Convenes a forum for ongoing dialogue between industry, academia and policy-makers.

To discuss how we can support you, please contact us at policy@idric.org

Credit: Climate Change Committee & Element Energy Ltd.

Policy priorities for industrial decarbonisation

Through a series of workshops and collaborations with IDRIC’s industry and academic partners, trade associations and policy makers from the UK Government and the Devolved Administrations, the IDRIC Policy Team identified key policy and regulatory needs to accelerate industrial decarbonisation.

Key priority areas we aim to develop through further research and coordination include:

    • Business models and financial mechanisms to de-risk low carbon technologies
    • Planning, consenting and permitting processes to support the timely deployment of low carbon technology and infrastructure
    • Developing the hydrogen economy, enabling hydrogen demand and fuel switching in industry
    • Infrastructure for industrial decarbonisation to deliver solutions and connect industrial sites and clusters
    • Develop strong supply chains
    • Ensure a successful skills transition
    • Creating effective carbon accounting and standards

We are compiling a white paper with further detail on each of the priority areas which we will be publishing here shortly.

IDRIC Industrial Decarbonisation Policy News

We produce monthly summaries of ongoing policy developments relevant to industrial decarbonisation at UK level and in the devolved administartions. To subscribe to the IDRIC Industrial Decarbonisation Policy News, please contact us at policy@idric.org.