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Industrial decarbonisation

Decarbonising the UK’s largest industrial clusters is a key step towards reaching the UK’s Net Zero target.

Reaching the UK’s target of Net Zero emissions by 2050 needs a significant reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across the economy and society. Energy-intensive industries such as iron and steel, cement, oil and gas, and chemicals are significant contributors to the economy and local communities, but also to the UK’s overall CO2 emissions.

Industrial emissions are highly concentrated geographically. Figure 1 shows the UK’s largest industrial clusters by CO2 emissions. The UK Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy published in March 2021 sets the goal of achieving at least four low-carbon industrial clusters by 2030 and one fully net zero industrial cluster by 2040.

This requires technological innovations and infrastructure to be deployed at scale, effective collaborations across stakeholders, as well as the decarbonising UK’s industry and unlock the wider social and economic benefits of decarbonisation.

Support for policy makers

Policy makers and regulators play a crucial role in creating the enabling environment for industrial decarbonisation and the transition to net zero in the UK.

As well as helping industries to transform, IDRIC pools the UK’s top research expertise in this fast-moving area to provide policy makers with reliable, impartial and policy-relevant analysis.

As a one-stop shop for industrial decarbonisation research and innovation, IDRIC will provide:

  • Accessible and up-to-date information on key policy and technological questions
  • Regular briefings on leading research advances from across IDRIC’s portfolio
  • Targeted support for policy and regulatory initiatives
  • Ongoing dialogue between research, industry, policy and local communities
  • Flexible funding for new research responding to emerging issues

To support national and local policy makers, we are keen to hear your priorities and questions relating to industrial decarbonisation.

More information

If you would like more information on any of our research and innovation areas or would like to feed into our upcoming program, please get in touch with our policy team at policy @idric.org

Credit: Climate Change Committee & Element Energy Ltd.

Industrial Clusters Heatmap