IDRIC Annual Conference 2023


Keynote Sessions

Ben Burggraaf

Chief Executive Officer, Net Zero Industry Wales

Oonagh O’Grady

Director of Power to X at SSE

Chris Skidmore MP

Chair, Net Zero Review

Main Sessions

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IDRIC23 kicked off with a screening our “2 Years of Impact” video.

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Industrial Decarbonisation: What has been achieved so far and what is next?
This session highlighted progress made in industrial decarbonisation in the last two years. The session was preceded by a welcome address from Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer.

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Project showcase: Carbon Capture and Storage
This session showcased the outcomes of three IDRIC projects and how they will impact the deployment of CCS technologies, including cost-effective carbon capture solutions, viability of UK CO2 storage and the social license of CCS.

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Project showcase: Hydrogen Technologies
This session showcased the outcomes of three IDRIC projects and how they will impact the deployment of hydrogen technologies, including hydrogen storage in porous media, hydrogen transport for different hydrogen blends and scenarios for national hydrogen infrastructure.

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Project showcase: The circular economy and sustainable fuels & chemicals
This session showcased the outcomes of three IDRIC projects and how they will impact the deployment of alternative fuels and ensure a circular economy, including conversion of gaseous carbon to valuable by-products and land-use modelling for domestic-sourced biomass for BECCS.

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Grand Challenge: Realising the skills for industrial decarbonisation
The session discussed pathways to increase capacity and skills in the right areas and create actionable outcomes. The session provided perspectives from third sector organisations that are creating viable solutions across different stakeholder groups.

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Plenary Session: Overcoming investment barriers
This session discussed measures to address key barriers that investors – the companies investing in decarbonisation technologies and those providing finance for it – face in making the necessary investment decisions at the scale needed, in the timescales necessary for Net Zero.

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Research Needs

Plenary session: Research needs of cluster roadmaps
Six industrial clusters have produced roadmaps to achieve net-zero emissions, funded by the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge (IDC). These blueprints were published in March 2023 and this session looked at the research and innovation needs identified.

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Plenary Session: Sharing international experience in industrial decarbonisation
This panel discussws the different approaches countries around the globe are taking to decarbonise heavy industry, how we can collaborate and learn from one another more effectively, and how the UK can remain internationally competitive.

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Grand Challenge: Learnings from clusters to dispersed sites
The six Cluster Roadmap projects funded by the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge concluded in March 2023. This session discussed how going forward,  how we use the learning from these clusters to accelerate industrial decarbonisation in other UK clusters and also dispersed sites.

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Plenary Session: Delivering net zero – the role of regulators
This discussion explored how the work of regulatory bodies can be supported; the role of dialogue with academia and industry; and collaboration between regulators, in supporting delivery at scale, e.g. transboundary issues, CO2 and hydrogen movement between offshore and onshore.

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Grand Challenge: Carbon accounting
Carbon accounting seems simple, but different methods and approaches across sectors can add confusion in supply chains across national boundaries can lead to significant problems. In this session we shared some of the work IDRIC is doing in this area and created a space to delve into some of the critical challenges and opportunities.

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Soc Science

Project Showcase: IDRIC social science research: key learnings for industry, policymakers and the public
This session explored how public perceptions, place, and politics matter if we want to ensure a just transition to net zero. IDRIC’s social science projects distilled their key research findings which will support the industrial clusters, policymakers and wider stakeholders in achieving industrial decarbonisation.

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Panel Discussion: Next steps for industrial decarbonisation policy
A panel discussion of urgent policy priorities for accelerating decarbonisation investment and deployment in 2023 and beyond and opportunities for collaboration and joint-up action, with senior representatives from UK and devolved governments, industry and academia.

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