Skills needed for industrial decarbonisation →

Decarbonising the UK’s largest industrial clusters offers a huge opportunity to support and future-proof jobs within the industrial heartlands. This will require a shift in education and workforce training to develop the skills and workforce capacity to power industrial decarbonisation and reach net zero by 2050.

 It is essential that we understand where skill gaps exist now.

As demand grows for these decarbonisation skills, it is essential that we understand where skill gaps exist now and in the future, what mechanisms are in place to address these gaps and the timescales required to do so. This will involve a system-wide approach across the UK and supply chain.

IDRIC’s Role  →

Within IDRIC’s research portfolio, we currently have two dedicated projects focussed on better understanding and quantifying the workforce capacity needed to deliver industrial decarbonisation across the whole system within the UK industrial clusters.

MIP 9.4 – Development of competence, skills and training for the transition to hydrogen

MIP 9.5 – Enabling Skills for the Industrial Decarbonisation Supply Chain

IDRIC also acts as a conduit between policy-makers, industry and training providers to support the development of an optimised and consistent UK-wide skills base, sharing best practice and lessons learned between national, devolved and local bodies.

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