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Policy and regulation play a crucial role in creating the enabling environment for industrial decarbonisation and the transition to net zero in the UK.

Building on IDRIC’s interdisciplinary research and innovation portfolio, the IDRIC Policy Team aims to support the development of effective policy and regulatory frameworks for industrial decarbonisation. In this way, we:

IDRIC supports the development of effective policy and regulatory frameworks for industrial decarbonisation.

  • Support key policy and regulatory initiatives through reliable and impartial expertise and analysis
  • Brief on key technologies, innovations and research developments
  • Convene forums for ongoing dialogue between industry, academia and policy-makers

Policy Forum and Roundtables →

In a series of events, IDRIC brings together policy-makers, industry and academic experts to create discuss critical and emerging challenges for industrial decarbonisation and discuss policy and regulatory measures to support and accelerate decarbonisation across UK industrial sectors and clusters.

The 3rd IDRIC Policy Forum took place in October 2023 in Edinburgh (Discussion summary)

Recent thematic Policy Roundtables focused on:

  • Unlocking Investment in Industrial Electrification (Roundtable summary and insight report).
  • Joined up planning consenting and permitting for industrial decarbonisation (Summary and insight report in preparation)
  • Carbon Accounting for industrial decarbonisation

Industry survey: Electricity grid connections and Industrial Decarbonisation →

Access to adequate electricity grid infrastructure currently represents a major constraint on UK Net Zero efforts. While the prevailing discussion to date has focused on delays to connecting large scale renewable projects, new or upgraded grid connections are also required to enable industrial users to deploy a range of technologies critical for reducing fossil fuel use, and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

IDRIC Policy Synthesis Report 2022 →


The annual IDRIC Policy Synthesis Report brings together insights from a year of extensive stakeholder engagement with IDRIC partners in industry, academia and governments and outlines key areas where policy and regulatory change can make a difference in supporting industrial decarbonisation.

More info and download.

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We produce monthly summaries of ongoing policy developments relevant to industrial decarbonisation at UK level and in the devolved administrations.

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For more information about our upcoming policy engagement and research program, please contact us at policy@idric.org

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