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Role of Policy Team →

Policy and regulation play a crucial role in creating the enabling environment for industrial decarbonisation and the transition to net zero in the UK.

Building on our interdisciplinary research and innovation portfolio, IDRIC supports the development of effective policy and regulatory frameworks for industrial decarbonisation. In this way, we:

IDRIC supports the development of effective policy and regulatory frameworks for industrial decarbonisation.

  • Support key policy and regulatory initiatives through reliable and impartial expertise and analysis
  • Brief on key technologies, innovations and research developments
  • Convene fora for ongoing dialogue between industry, academia and policy-makers

Priorities  →

Policy priorities for Industrial Decarbonisation

The Policy Team is working with IDRIC’s industry and academic partners, trade associations and policy makers from the UK Government and the Devolved Administrations, to identify and develop key priority areas where policy and regulatory action can help to accelerate industrial decarbonisation.

Key priority areas we will focus on include:

  • Business models for scaling up low carbon technologies
  • Enabling fuel switching and electrification
  • Creating the supporting infrastructure for transport and storage
  • Timely planning, consenting and permitting processes
  • Comprehensive carbon accounting and standards
  • Resilient low-carbon supply chains
  • Develop strong supply chains
  • Net zero skills and workforce

We will publish the outcomes of our stakeholder discussions and research in these areas in an Interim Policy Report this winter and will further develop policy and regulatory considerations through a series of thematic policy roundtables over the next 6 months. For further info and to get involved, please email us at policy@idric.org

Policy News →

IDRIC Industrial Decarbonisation Policy News

We produce monthly summaries of ongoing policy developments relevant to industrial decarbonisation at UK level and in the devolved administrations. To subscribe to the IDRIC Industrial Decarbonisation Policy News, or to discuss how we can support you, please contact us at policy@idric.org

Past editions of IDRIC Industrial Decarbonisation Policy News can also be found in the Resources section.

Our Partners →

IDRIC works with strong and experienced teams of specialists across industry, business and academia, committed to creating a greener industrial future.

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