VIDEO SHOWCASE: You can’t be what you can’t see

A media showcase of IDRIC individuals who are currently involved in or supporting industrial decarbonisation research (2022-2023).

This project showcases the diversity of individuals currently involved with research relating to industrial decarbonisation. The main aim of the video series is to encourage and support career choices across all student identities at the university entry and exit stage. The series also promotes the benefits of a diverse workforce in STEM and specifically the decarbonisation agenda.

For more information on pathways to careers in decarbonisation please see Future Workforce. Please note that images used in the video footage are for illustrative purposes only. IDRIC are grateful to all participants for generously sharing their career pathways.

VIDEO SHOWCASE: You can’t be what you can’t see

Christine Douglass

Abbas AbdulRafiu

Pooja Goddard

Daniel Nowakowski

James Gilbert

Mirjam Röder

Briony McDonagh

Scott Banks

Kate Smith

Johnson Jimba

Iram Razaq

Kane Needham

Ashween Virdee

Stylianos Kyrimis

Katie Chong

Omid Shahrokhi

Laura Steedman

Caspar Donnison

Lucy Oram

Mahdi Ahmed

Helen Brooks

Huda Dawood

Flora Davies

Amir Badiee

Jasmin Cooper

Amir Jahanbakhsh

Paul Boldrin

Karen Henwood

Xuehui Wang

Arezoo Azimi

Paula Blanco Sanchez

Hiba El Khoury

Heather McGregor

Helen Kibby

Anna Korre

Colleen Jackson

Jeannie Ziang Yie Tan

George Tzougas

Lindsay Marie Armstrong

Stephen Turnock

Wassim Dbouk

Nashwan Dawood

Tamara Topic

Maxine Akhurst

Brunilde Verrier

Marcelle McManus

Rhys Jones

Harriet Smith