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IDRIC is committed to embedding and promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in our industrial clusters and research institutions.

Dame Heather McGregor, our EDI champion, has developed the IDRIC EDI Strategy, which outlines the activities IDRIC is implementing to monitor and improve EDI in all its forms from 2021 to 2024. Our strategy includes these three specific interventions:


You can’t be what you can’t see

A media showcase of IDRIC individuals who are currently involved in or supporting industrial decarbonisation research (2022-2023)


Nothing about us without us

Workshops on the subject of disability in research careers – highlighting how to support people with disabilities.


Raising aspirations and expectations

Closely engaging with Career Ready to inspire young people to work towards careers in industrial decarbonisation.

One of the most critical activities IDRIC is conducting is a baseline analysis of those employed in the IDRIC research community. Results from our first EDI survey, from December 2021, showed that 11% of people experienced a long-term condition that significantly affected them. This is more than twice the national average

Survey participants suggested practical strategies to foster a more inclusive workplace culture, such as sharing the agenda before a meeting. This would enable people time to process and prepare their thoughts and ideas, and implementing this would allow a broader range of perspectives to be heard.

By creating innovative solutions, we can provide better support for all employees.

You can read IDRIC’s full EDI Strategy here:
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2021-2024

You can read IDRIC’s EDI Longitudinal Study here:

VIDEO SHOWCASE: You can’t be what you can’t see

Harriet Smith

Rhys Jones

Marcelle McManus

Brunilde Verrier

Maxine Akhurst

The video profiles are designed to inspire the next generation, particularly those that are under-represented, to consider a career in decarbonisation.

You can’t be what you can’t see is a video project that will be used with partners in education and mentoring programmes. The three to seven minute videos showcase the diversity of individuals currently involved with research relating to industrial decarbonisation. The main aim of the video series will be to encourage career choices across all student identities, at the university entry and exit stage.

Here you can preview the first three videos that will be used in our outreach programmes. They give a sense of the diverse career routes taken by people currently working in partnership with IDRIC.

We would love to hear from IDRIC researchers or IDRIC individuals supporting industrial decarbonisation research who would like to get involved with this intervention. Please get in touch on info@idric.org

We are particularly grateful to the students from Ark Acton Academy who have made a significant contribution to the questions posed, so far.

Disclaimer: Please note that all images used in the video footage are for illustrative purposes only.

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