Call open:

We are delighted to be launching the call for IDRIC Wave 2 Research Projects.

The funding is for industry relevant research to support accelerated decarbonisation of UK industrial clusters.

In order to be eligible for funding you must:

  • be based at a UK organisation eligible for funding
  • meet individual eligibility criteria
  • be able to deliver the work between now and the end of January 2024

The following documents outline the information required to submit a proposal.

1. Call Document
2. Thematic Areas & Priorities (also Annex 1 to Call Document)
3. Full Proposal – Template

Timetable for submitting a proposal:

  • Register your “Intention to Submit a Proposal” using the form below by 4pm on 24th October.
  • From 12th October, a link will be sent to those who have registered an intention to submit a proposal.
  • Complete the “Full Proposal” Template.
  • Upload and submit a completed “Full Proposal” by 4pm on 7th November.

Please note you will not be permitted to submit a “Full Proposal” unless you have submitted the “Intention to Submit a Proposal” by 24th October.


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