Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Diversity matters, which is why IDRIC has committed to an institution-wide strategic focus on achieving a diverse workforce and inclusive working environment led by an EDI Champion, Professor Heather McGregor.

23 research institutions are engaged in delivering the first wave of projects to support the UK’s aim to have achieved net-zero industrial emissions by 2050 through decarbonisation activities within the industrial clusters, and IDRIC wants all of them – and the research teams that will come after them – to be as successful as possible. Therefore, IDRIC is actively building interventions to monitor and improve diversity in all its forms.

IDRIC’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is available here.

Some of the work we are planning includes:

  • ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’

We will be showcasing the diversity of individuals who are currently involved with research relating to industrial decarbonisation and working in partnership with IDRIC – with a special focus on women in STEM.

  • ‘Nothing about us without us’

We will be running workshops on the subject of disability in research careers.

  • ‘Raising aspirations and expectations’

We will be engaging with the national social mobility charity Career Ready to forge links with the next generation of scientists and engineers.