ECRA Workshop – 15th May

IDRIC have created a dedicated workshop for all IDRIC early career researchers (Wave 1 & 2) the day before the IDRIC Annual Conference 2023 (15th May 2023; The Oval, London). Free to attend for all IDRIC ECRs.

The workshop will be in two parts:

  1. Extensive decarbonisation policy debrief to ensure all researchers feel engaged in policy discussions prior to the conference. This will be led by our excellent Policy Team, Anna Pultar and John Ferrier who will highlight how your research can connect to the industrial decarbonisation policy sphere and discuss ways for you to become directly engaged with IDRIC’s policy activities.
  2. A Skillfluence-led workshop aimed at how to create and nurture partnerships with industry stakeholders. This will be a bespoke workshop, beyond what is offered at home universities, that will provide a practical communication framework and tool-set that will make you immediately more effective in industry-centric communications.

For more info and to sign up, click the link below. Places are limited.