Powered by research and innovation and funded by UKRI, IDRIC supports the development of innovative decarbonisation solutions at pace and scale in the places where it matters most.

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Harnessing the scale of the industrial clusters creates opportunities to work together, to find cost-effective solutions to decarbonisation.

Decarbonising the UK’s largest industrial clusters is a key step towards reaching the UK’s net zero emissions target set out in the UK Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy (2021).

Industrial clusters across the UK are extremely important to the economy. Many of the industrial products produced in these areas are integral to everyday life. The industries utilise high end technology and employ highly skilled workers to make products that are traded internationally.

The energy-intensive industries in these clusters make a significant contribution to UK emissions, with roughly half of industrial emissions emitting from these clusters.

Businesses in industrial clusters often share infrastructure and resources. Collaboration within and across these industrial clusters creates opportunities for cost-effective solutions to decarbonise. IDRIC’s goal is to deliver long-lasting economic growth and societal benefits, and to build the foundations for the new industrial clusters of tomorrow.

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Two low carbon clusters


An additional two low carbon clusters


The world’s first net-zero carbon industrial cluster

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IDRIC’s research and innovation agenda is supported by the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge.

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In order to achieve its ambitious targets, IDRIC brings together a wide range of stakeholders, all working collaboratively to ensure a whole-systems approach.

IDRIC’s centre team consists of specialists in policy, business development, skills, and communication and is based at Heriot-Watt University. The team works closely with stakeholders and supports the wider IDRIC community in delivering the Centre’s ambitious goals. 

A robust governance structure oversees IDRIC’s work – ensuring alignment with the objectives of our funder, UKRI. Our IDRIC’s senior management structure includes the Director/Champion, Research Co-Directors and Academic Cluster Leads.

IDRIC’s Independent Advisory Board advises on strategic direction, priorities and opportunities to be pursued under projects and programmes of work and processes for assessing opportunities.

The Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge (IDC) supports IDRIC and seeks to harness the scale of the industrial clusters to create opportunities to work together to find cost-effective decarbonisation solutions.

The IDC comprises three complimentary activities:

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Find out more about our whole systems approach to accelerate industrial decarbonisation.

Research Programme