Congratulations to the three IDRIC researchers who have been part of the Working Group authoring a Royal Society Report – “Net zero aviation fuels: resource requirements and environmental impacts.” (Read the report here)

Prof Marcelle McManus, Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer, and Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian (L-R) were pleased to attend the official launch of the report at the Houses of Parliament on 28th February.

Decarbonising the aviation industry by removing fossil fuels is an enormous challenge and requires a  whole systems approach. The report concludes there is no single, clear, sustainable alternative to jet fuel able to support flying on a scale equivalent to present day use.

Prof Maroto-Valer commented that  “The startling conclusion to come from this study is that there is no clear alternative to existing jet fuel. That is a problem and we have to be realistic in how we overcome this challenge. Research and science will be crucial in addressing this issue and it was an honour to be part of this distinguished group of experts and co-author this Royal Society policy briefing that systematically examines net zero alternatives to jet fuel.”

IDRIC is committed to working on a whole systems approach to achieve industrial decarbonisation and has a number of projects working on the technologies associated with Sustainable Aviation Fuels.